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Teacher Richmond (South Africa)



Teacher Richmond (South Africa)
In 英語 General English
導師編號: [166] Teacher Richmond 國藉: 南非 所在地: 南非 教授: General English 級別: All levels 授課語言: English Contact Schedule 課堂介紹 Class Introduction My name is Richmond Phiri form Johannesburg South Africa, I am a qualified TEFL teacher and I am currently Studying Sound Engineering, I will be teaching English and I will be teaching in English as well. My class introduction is simply to have a bright smile on my face and greet students in a respectable manner while showing a positive attitude and slowly get to know them better. Students should definitely choose my fun and exciting classes because, the experience will definitely be a fun and challenging one, but I will make sure every student is well understood so that I can plan my lessons around their individual needs, we will play games, sing songs, do some arts and crafts while we learn and improve our English skills. I will definitely provide Powerpoints by creating an organised outline of the material I want to cover, then separate the material into digestible chunks that will include relevant videos, audio, Visualisers, notes, and tasks so that I can create slides that have accurate but digestible chunks of information. Notes will be an important part of any lesson, I will use notes to help students and understand and remember our lessons, I will separate the learning material into sections so that it's easier for the student to get a step by step understand of the material being used, these notes will have to be accurate at all times. Designing a course content requires planning and organisation. I will be considering the goals of the course, and what knowledge needs to be acquired, then break down our objectives into more achievable tasks that will be engaging and exciting for the students. Structuring and organising an online class needs careful planning and execution, The first thing to consider is what the objectives of the course are and who your students are aswell, I am going to then collect and organise all the material needed to achieve this task and break the task down to chunks and sections, each of those chunks should be aided with appropriate videos, notes, audio, pictures and games that will help students stay engaged. Games and competitions will definitely play a major roll in lessons because the best way to learn something, is by enjoying the process, we play games that are appropriate and aid the process of understanding, such games include Puzzles, word searches, fun quizzes and spelling competitions so that the students can get used to English and communicating with it in real life settings. Fee
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