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[s323] Teacher Dom Australia ESL English (from 6 yrs old)

導師編號: [s323] Dom Antonelli

國藉: 澳洲

所在地: 澳洲

教授: 英語 ESL (English) , Writing, Creative writing, Persuasive Writing, Maths P1-P4

級別: P1-P6 (6-12 yrs old), S1-DSE (13-18 yrs old), Adult (above 18 yrs old)

授課語言: 英語


Hello , my name is Dom from Australia.

I have over 17 years experience teaching English as a second language.

I usually fnd out exactly what the student is looking for, (speaking, writing, comprehension).

The teaching program is then matched to the needs.

My experience has helped me develop the different ways to talk to young students and older students so everyone is comfortable talking to the foreign teacher.

Most importantly, the tine in the class is calm, happy, and even some fun.

My patience is the strongest so I can get through everything.

Good luck and give me a try!


Masters Degree: MBA





Introduction video

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