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[s309] Teacher Coronel 西班牙語 (6歲起~)

導師編號: [s309] Teacher Coronel

國藉: Colombia

所在地: Colombia

教授: 西班牙語、英語

級別: P1-P6 (6-12 yrs old), S1-DSE (13-18 yrs old), Adult (above 18 yrs old)

授課語言: 英語、西班牙語


Certified teacher with more than four years of experience in teaching Spanish as a foreign language and as a second language. I have worked with children from preschool, school and adolescent ages, as well as adults of all ages; both in beginner levels and in DELE.

Learning for beginners. Grammar, pronunciation, communication skills; reading and listening comprehension.

DELE, SIELE, entrance exams, cover letters for universities.

All the learning materials are included in the package (Books, audios, videos, images)

I am patient, but demanding and I like to challenge my students for the better every day.

My teaching methods may vary depending on the student, but -in general- I have a fairly clear and easy-to-follow structure. I usually work with books and audios, with the support of videos and interactive materials to ensure maximum content retention.

Can you arrange competitions or public exams for students? DELE, SIELE







Introduction video

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