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[s299] Teacher Bonga 南非英語 (All level)

導師編號: [s299] Teacher Bonga

國藉: 南非

所在地: 南非

教授: 英語

級別: All level

授課語言: 英語


Hi there, I am teacher Bonga and I have been an ESL teacher for 3 years and I am TEFL and TESOL qualified. I have taught both adults and kids in the classroom and online . I am a patient, kind and understanding teacher and I have taught all levels.

I organize and plan my online classes by preparing material that is appropriate for the learner by considering the students interest and goals and the the student's level. I also manage the time the lesson will take and what activities to include in the lesson. I also prepare my teaching aids be it visuals or listening aids to use in the classroom. I also make sure I have an appropriate classroom for my students and I check if my teaching equipment is in order and ready to use.

For a Junior class , I make sure that the classroom and material is attractive and colorful to keep the child interested in the lesson. I provide visual aids to assist when teaching the child. I create lesson material that allow the child to interact and it must have activities. I also make sure to provide some games to make the class more enjoyable. I also bring in props and award the student if they get something correct to encourage them to practice even more.

For adults, I make material tailored to their goals. I provide lesson according to their levels and provide some activities to help them with the lesson they learnt.

Can you arrange competitions or public exams for students? ILETS practice and TOEFL exams.


Bachelors Degree





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