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[s294] Teacher Nompumelelo South Africa (All level)

導師編號: [s299] Teacher Nompumelelo

國藉: 南非

所在地: 南非

教授: 英語

級別: All level

授課語言: 英語


Helo everyone, my name is Nompumelelo Sithole, I am from South Africa. I will be teaching English, Economics and business studies. I Hope you all enjoy class with me.

I will ogarnise class using zoom or Skype platform however that can depend on learners. Learners will choose they're comforting slot to use. I will also be available for those who prefer one on one.

For junior classroom I will use probs as a teaching method whereby learners will get a chance to see what is been taught in class like when talking about fruits i can show them the actactual fruut for them to see it. When learning about number i will write numbers down so that they can see it also count with them using fingers or sticks, same with colours and shapes so that I do not leave learners clueless. I will also offer them stickers when they tempt on answering question.

With seniors, i will encourage learners process by offering rewards for those who do well whicwhich will make everyone arm for a reward when studying like playing i will use different toys and a learning method to have their attention even more.

Can you arrange competitions or public exams for students?

Yes I love to arrange contests and competitions for students


Bachelor degree





Introduction video

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