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[s294] Nompumelelo 南非英語及Business (K1-DSE)

導師編號: [s294] Nompumelelo

國藉: South Africa

所在地: Manguzi

教授: 英語 & Business

級別: K1-DSE

授課語言: 英語


In my classroom I will use probs as a teaching method whereby learners will get a chance to see what is been taught in class.

For example, when teaching about maybe an Apple I will show learners what an Apple looks like, teach them how the word is written and pronounced, so that learners can have an idea of what I am talking about.

I will offer them rewards for answering and asking questions in class which will make them to want to angage more in class activities.

Can you arrange competitions or public exams for students?

Yes i can arrange spelling competition for learners which can be a great strategy to get them studying.


Bachelor degree




Introduction video

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