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[s283] Monica 澳洲英語及法文導師 (All level)

導師編號: [hks211] Kelly Cheung

國藉: England

所在地: Hong Kong

教授: English

級別: All Level

授課語言: 英語、法文及基本普通話


Good Morning (nee how) Good Morning Class and students today I want to welcome you all and trust you will enjoy the lessons and my limited Mandarin speaking and I hope you understand when I speak in English or French because if you do not understand I really need you to tell me or put your hand up - at the beginning everyone will have the same learning material and answers are to be entered into the blank spaces.

Arranging of lessons is done on the basis of level and achievement plus comprehension taking instruction and following programs. How fast the students can follow and contribte to their understanding thru demonstration, written, oral and listening skills and results of lessons.

For beginner its simple but progress should be fast and accurate. Once basic knowledge is achieved harder higher level is provided.

Lessons should be fun experience by creating a desire to learn and achieve. Depending on the level of adults and juniors the content can be similar.

Illustration is important and speaking to make sure the students have totally grasped the lessons in their entirety. Some minutes are set aside to enhance the learning and progress experience.

Subjects that can be taught

English French


Reading Exam


Public Speaking



Sentence Building

Essay writing

Can you arrange competitions or public exams for students?

Yes I love to arrange contests and competitions for students


PhD education




Introduction video

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