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[s263] Teacher Tristan 法國法語導師 (6歲起)

導師編號: [s291] Teacher Tristan

國藉: 法國

所在地: 法國

教授: 法語

級別: P1-P6 (6-12 yrs old), S1-DSE (13-18 yrs old), Adult (above 18 yrs old)

授課語言: 法語、日本語、英語


I am a friendly, patient teacher who create a relax and enjoyable atmosphere allowing you to feel comfortable expressing yourself in French event at a beginner level and improve your communication skills.

Customized lesson plans to suit each individual student

Improve speaking and pronunciation

Learn grammar, vocabulary and all french expressions.

Learn conversational and practical French for your trip

Expert in test Preparation DELF/DALF (all levels), TEF and immigration interviews

Preparation for immigration interviews (Canada, France)

Preparation for TEF

Courses Offering:

Beginner to advance level, general French course

French expressions and idioms,


Listening: video/radio and native material

Grammar reinforcement

KIDS lesson (30 minutes)

Alphabet, pronunciation

Games with letters, making own sentences

Specialized materials

Drawing, colors

Exam preparation (DELF/DALF A1-C2)



Writing practice

Oral practice ️

Interview preparation (Immigration, visa, TEF).

Questions, answers

Topics covered in the interviews -Situations


Conversation class, to maintain your French, or refresh it

Talk about news, article or a small video

You can choose your topic

Increase your vocabulary

Build up confidence

Prepare your trip with practical French

French literature lesson (advanced students only)

Learn French literature starting from the middle age

Study French classics

Cultural awareness

Boost your vocabulary

Teaching style

Very encouraging

Create a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere

Lessons are developed just for you

Feel comfortable making mistake

Questions/ answers - feel free to ask me anything!






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