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[s252] Teacher Anele 南非英語/地理/生活技能導師 P1-P6 (6-12 yrs)

導師編號: [s252] Teacher Anele 國藉: South Africa 所在地: South Africa 教授: 英語/地理/生活技能 級別: P1-P6 (6-12 yrs) 授課語言: 英語


Hello Students:)

My name is Miss Anele.

I specialise in English. My hobbies is to sing, cook and read books.

My lessons are fun, informative and enjoyable. The aim is to learn in a fun way.

I organise and structure an online course by using power point slides, Zoom or google classroom. I find google classroom very helpful in my online lessons. It’s very easy and convenient to set up tests and other assessments.

I organise junior classes by making it fun and full of colours…Young students learn best by seeing pictures, colours and shapes more than seeing a lot of writing.

Can you arrange competitions or public exams for students?

Yes. I can arrange public exams for students and use classroom tests as a guide to set them up.


Bachelor’s Degree (4th year)





Introduction video

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