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[s242] Tlotlo Mosetlhe 南非數學 (S1-DSE)

導師編號: [s242] Tlotlo Mosetlhe

國藉: South Africa

所在地: South Africa

教授: 數學

級別: S1-DSE

授課語言: 英語


1. Hello everyone, I'm Tlotlo from South Africa. I'm new to the tutoring experience and excited to learn and grow with you. Thank you for this opportunity and let's have a great teaching experience together!

2. I do so by first navigating through the student's needs and what needs to be further polished and worked on for the student to receive my assistance, understanding and better results to improve.

3. I download and personally buy the books and resources that will help the student in the best way it can. I outsource for the best YouTube tutorials to assist me in preparing for the lessons and look for various ways in solving a problem or an equation.


Matric, Grade 12




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