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有時,教師/學生及家長可能會因突發狀況而無法出席上課。學生/ 教師 需在24小時以前通知對方,並作出協商。


1) 先與導師 / 家長及學生聯繫。

2) 請My Account > Booking records 


先與導師 / 家長及學生聯繫。

我們將視乎情況,可能會全額、半額退回學生或家長以便重新預約 (退堂申請或於一個月或以上完成。)

退費或以Z credit形式退回,學生或家長可於下次購買課堂時使用。


如有特殊事故導致課堂結束後導師、家長或學生才能通知平台, 由發出的一方辦理退堂申請,申請需於課堂原定日期7天內向平台申請,並需要向受影響之方交代缺席原因。






What should I do?

Teachers/students and parents may be unable to attend classes due to unforeseen circumstances. Students/Teachers need to notify each other 24 hours in advance and negotiate. ​

If the class needs to be cancelled within 24 hours before the class starts

1) First, contact the tutor / Parents and Students to cancel the scheduled class.

2) My Account > Booking records 

Cancellation of the course

If the course has ended

Depending on the situation, we may refund the full or half of the amount to the student or parent for rescheduling.

Refunds may in the form of Z credits, it can be used by students or parents for their next class purchase.

(The application for withdrawal may be completed within one month or more.)

Or in special cases, cash is returned to the parent, and the student or parent can purchase the class again.

If there is a special case,  teacher, parent or student can't notify the platform before the class, the issuing party will apply for the withdrawal application from the class. The application must be submitted to the platform within 7 days of the original class date, and the reason for the absence must be explained to the affected party.

If the student or parent fails to provide reasonable reasons, the Class Cancelling Form will not be processed.

If the tutor fails to provide reasonable reasons or causes complaints from parents or students, in addition to arranging make-up classes, tutor may also receive a warning. If the tutor receives three warnings or more, the platform service will be suspended without notice.

Exceeding that application period will not be processed or 50-100% administrative fee will be charged to the absent party.

Reminder: In order to avoid unpleasantness caused by different understandings between the two parties, students or tutors can use the "Chat" to inform the other party that they cannot attend the class before the start of the class. ​ 

If parents, students or teachers cannot reach a consensus, they can choose to contact customer service personnel for assistance.




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